Diverse Learning Activities Given At Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta

Diverse Learning Activities Given At Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta

Under the IEYC or International Early Years Curriculum, Global Sevilla preschool provide numerous interesting and fun learning process. To help the students absorbing all of the material, all of the activities are given based on their capabilities. The older the students are, the more challenging the preschool Jakarta activities are. Here are some of them.


The Fun And Entertaining Learning Activities At Global Sevilla Preschool 

  1. Basic Skills Development

When it comes to basic skills, then you can assume that the student will be at a very young age. Indeed, Global Sevilla purposely applies this particular learning activity for the toddler ages of 1.2 to 2 years old. The focus is on developing the toddler’s ability to recognize color and shapes. They are also given some activities to do simple counting and increase confidence.


  1. Sensory Fun Learning

The idea of sensory fun learning is giving interesting activities that help develop students’ motoric skills. Another thing that worth knowing is the underlying idea that the student will learn through experience. That is why many of the activities will come in the form of following the teacher or reciting some explanation by the teacher.

However, the preschool Jakarta makes sure that the whole process will be given in a fun and entertaining manner. The students in the pre-nursery programs will do some simple art and craft activities. They also recite and understand dimple nurseries and rhymes. Along with it, students will be encouraged to perform fine motor activities.


  1. Song And Rhymes

Singing and reciting songs or rhymes is very familiar in pre-nursery and nursery programs. The underlying reason is due to the goals of developing ones’ confidence and self-awareness. Through songs and rhymes, they can sharpen the speaking and listening skills. Along with it, students need to demonstrate in front of the class to deliver their communication skills.


  1. Playing Games

To further sharpen their communication skills, students will do a lot of interactive games and other engaging activities. This process will come in higher difficulty and more challenging per students’ preschool Jakarta levels. In kindergarten 1 and 2, the activities will constantly get more complex to develop logical and problem-solving thinking.

There is no doubt that effective learning should be suitable for the students’ abilities. In this case, the IEYC leads the school to provide fun and entertaining activities that won’t overwhelm the students. The activities such as basic skills development, sensory fun, singing song, and rhymes, to playing games, are given in accordance to students abilities and ages.